As a German originated technical company, we are dedicated to deliver intelligent solutions of security, comfort and energy efficiency for your living and working places.


● Our mission

We are dedicated to make your living and working environment more secure, comfortable and energy sufficient and thus helping you to create a noble lifestyle with optimal intelligent system solutions.

● Our vision

To let our intelligent system solutions of security, comfort and energy efficiency, as well as services be mostly trusted and valued by clients and recognized by competitors.

Demands-orientation has made Systec an essentially different solution deliverer from most technology companies.

In the past few years, intelligent system solution has grown to be a fashion, interpreting the noble lifestyle of European mainstream society. However, as a result of diversity of cultures and customer needs, currently any manufacturer cannot guarantee that its products meet all the demands of the best system solution. Actually, most manufacturers’ solutions tend to be based on their products instead of the needs of the customers.

Within this context, a German originated technical company, with the standpoint of the customers, is committed to building an extensive platform of products and delivering intelligent system solutions by consulting, designing, sourcing, commissioning and service.

That is Systec intelligent building technology Co., Ltd, born to work for you to create a secure, comfortable, energy-efficient environment, and to realize your demands, desires and dreams!

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