Systec’s philosophy has always been based on demands-orientation. To assure that our intelligent system solutions advance with the times, we are continually learning from the analysis of various demands.

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● Modernization 

Modern cities contain a variety of buildings, generally regarded as symbols of modernization. Besides residential ones as the main bodies of cities, all sorts of public buildings as well as lots of office buildings are everywhere. Systec is looking forward to enhancing the modernization by adding intelligent system solutions to various buildings. 

● Communication 

Communication system is currently considered as an essential part in any building system at this information age. Intelligent ones not only bring us more convenience with information transmission, but also protect us better through remote gateway control. Systec possess some know-how in integration of communication system into our whole system.

● Cases

Systec has already got a number of successful cases in China. And we are still focusing on the evolvement of intelligent system solutions, considering the rapid social development and technical upgrade. And we tend to gain valuable feedbacks and new insights through the accumulation of cases.


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